Friday, July 28, 2017

Should the youth get harder punishments?

This is my explanation writing about why I think that the youth should get harsher punishments for their crimes instead of a warning. I found this hard because I needed to find facts to support my opinions.

Would you like it if your loved ones were criminals during their youth? I strongly believe that young children should get harder consequences for the actions they make. My first reason is because they will not learn for when they are older. Secondly because it's a bad habit and finally it is not a good thing to show younger children.

My first reason is because they won't learn to behave themselves when they are older. If children try to rob stores and don´t get a punishment then they will think that they can get away with anything when they are old enough to go to prison or pay fines but if they are punished then they will know that it is not right for them to be doing that kind of stuff.

Secondly because it is a bad habit for the youth to grow into. The children might not notice that what they are doing is bad and they will be used to robbing stores, or breaking property that doesn't belong to them etc and they will not know how bad their crimes are until they are in prison.

Finally because it isn´t a good influence on younger children. Youth could leave bad influences on younger children and not even know it and this could make our country worse. Younger children could be standing around and watching their older siblings or cousins make crimes and this could be printed in their memory for their entire childhood. This is what wrecks youths childhoods and reveals the inner criminal in them.

So this is why I strongly believe that children should be getting harder punishments for their actions. If they make an adult crime then they should get an adult consequence. Make sure your children aren't making any crimes for these three reasons.