Monday, June 19, 2017

Hinaki & Takakau Presentation

This presentation shows you what we know about making hinaki that are tuna traps and what we know about baking takakau! ENJOY


  1. what's up corbin bugler from blaketown i like eating tuna I thought this was very interesting and maybe next time do a video on how to make it bye

  2. Hi Adelia, It’s Leilani. what I liked about your blog post is that you added lots of information on your slide show, this makes it more interesting and and I also that you added lots of diagrams this makes more fun to watch. Maybe one thing to work on is that you could add a bit more into your introduction but other than that it’s a great blog post. Cya (:

  3. Hi Adelia,
    I really like your presentation it is wonderful work i wish to see more and more I have learnt heaps from this presentation KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!